Steam Engine & Separator Wrenches of The Advance Thresher Machine Co. Battle Creek, Michigan
Complied Jan 2001 revised Oct. 10, 2001 & Jan 7, 2004 by Don 'Bus' Haury ©2001 & 2004
This list consists of 47 wrench part numbers complied from the two parts book listed at the end of this page. Of the 47 wrenches listed I have sixteen in my collection and have seen eleven more owned by other collectors. I hope this list will help identify some of those "orphan" wrenches in other collections. I would appreciate any additions or corrections to this list. Maybe some day we will be snowed in for a couple days and I can add some pictures.

Abbreviations Used: ** = I have in my collection,   * = I have seen in other collections,   mall = malleable
53A*           Stuffing box wrench1,2
62A*           Socket wrench (mall.)1,2
83P*            2" union & 3" throttle wrench1,2
84P**          2" & 4" throttle wrench1,2
94P*            5/8" socket wrench for reverse box1,2
95P*            Stuffing box wrench1,2
96P**          Connection rod wrench1,2
97P**          Crank box stop plate wrench1,2
98P              Socket wrench for 1" cap1,2
105N** Stuffing box wrench1,2
117A** Connection rod wrench (mall.)1,2
125F           Soft plug wrench1,2
157J            Spanner wrench for stuffing box1,2
158N**      Crank box stop plate wrench1,2
161P         Shank for packing sleeve flange wrench2
162P**   Socket wrench for 1 " hex nut1,2
166A* Soft plug wrench1,2
167J 1" union wrench1,2
168J* 1" throttle wrench1,2
169J** " set screw and hexagon nut wrench1,2
170J** 7/8" x " wrench1,2
171J** Stuffing box wrench1,2
185J** Wrench for packing sleeve flange1,2
186J Packing sleeve flange wrench1,2
187J Plate to remove high pressure piston1,2
188J** Wrench for high pressure stuffing box and stop plate screws1,2
189J Wrench for screws that hold cylinder to frame1,2
190J Wrench for screws that hold cylinder to frame1,2
193J Shank for wrench 189J1,2
214A** Oil cup wrench (listed as both mall. & steel wrenches)1,2
223T** Shank for socket for 5/8" cylinder tooth wrench (Separators 1904 & later)1,2
224T* Socket for cylinder tooth wrench (Separators 1904 and since)1,2
266N Socket wrench for 1 3/8" nut1,2
307V Wrench for feeder governor (separators)1,2
365F** 2" union wrench (mall.)1,2 )
366F** 2" throttle wrench (mall.)1,2
391N* Wrench for 1" hex nut1,2
438P Wrench for valve rod adjustment2
439P* Wrench for stud nut & countershaft axle bracket2
440P Wrench for valve chamber (later)2
537F** Wrench for 1 3/8" hex nut1,2
582F Socket wrench1,2
685P Wrench for hexagon nut2
694  Socket for cylinder tooth wrench hexagon nut (separators prior to 1904)2
802  Wrench (For all separators)1
844F Wrench (open end "S" wrench)2
1030N   Socket wrench2

1 Source: 1908 Advance Thresher Co. of Battle Creek, Mich. Parts book (no illustrations) (Phil Eberhard collection)

2 Source: Price List of Repair Parts - Advance Line Machinery - No. 21 - Advance-Rumely Thresher Co., LaPorte,
Indiana circa 1923 (no illustrations) (Russ Marshall Collection)

Complied Jan 2001 (revised Oct 10, 2001 & Jan 7, 2004) by Don 'Bus' Haury ©2001, 2004

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