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Repro Alert: After hearing rumors of reproduction IHC cutout wrenches showing up at antique engine and tractor swap meets last spring and summer (one collector reported seeing several in a bucket at a meet which were removed from sight after they mentioned to the vendor that it was probably a trademark violation reproducing the IHC logo) one probable example showed up on Ebay last week with no mention of it being brand spanking new. Although the measurements were close to the originals the number "770E" was missing and it was a very crude casting, especially the IHC logo.

The crude example on Ebay sold for $256.OO compared to $1000.00 the last authentic one sold at auction brought. Personally I would not give $2.00 for a bucket full of the reproductions as this would only encourage the sellers to reproduce other good wrenches. While this one is crude and easily identified by most experienced collectors it could fool newer inexperienced collectors. If reproduction wrenches continue to be made and sold especially if the quality of the castings improves, the hobby will be hurt as new collectors that get "stung" are discouraged and quit collecting. This has happened in other hobbies, it seems like whenever a collectible starts to get popular someone sees dollar signs and starts to reproduce it.

Also on a related note there is a rumor of a smaller or half size IHC cutout wrench exchanging hands. If this is true I would be very skeptical of it's authenticity.

As far as I know the IHC cutout wrench and the Messinger and Flinchbaugh wrenches are the only fakes or reproduction wrenches. If anybody has any new information on questionable wrenches please email me or post a comment on the Message Board and I will add it to this article.

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